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Children First Southeastern Connecticut

Welcome to the website of Children First — Southeastern Connecticut. We are a collaboration of Children First community programs representing Norwich, New London and Groton. Because the needs of children are not limited by town borders, we believe in sharing resources and combining messages to speak with a united voice on behalf of the children in our region.

Currently we are recruiting parents, care providers and concerned community members to join our efforts in putting "children first" in the minds of our legislators, municipalities and influential members of our community.

Annually, we define our priorities, and currently Children First Southeastern Connecticut is focusing on the following:

  • Access to quality childcare and the development of childcare providers
  • Affordable healthcare and healthcare insurance
  • The importance of nutrition, balanced diet and good food choices in children of all ages
  • Preparing a child to learn by supporting the home as the first learning environment


To become involved, contact the Children First program nearest you, by visiting their individual websites.

children first southeastern connecticut

Children First Groton is made up of a diverse group of parents, educators, business leaders, government officials, and other Groton community members who believe it is our job as a whole community to ensure all young children reach their full potential for success!

Children First New London is a group of individuals and agencies concerned with the well being of young children birth to age eight. We have worked collaboratively to improve the lives of New London's youngest citizens since 1995. We always look forward to welcoming new members.

Children First Norwich is one of the inaugural Children First Communities, and has well-established events, parent education programs and partnership initiatives that engage families and the community in all levels. A School-readiness community, Children First Norwich plays an active role in advancing the needs of children from birth to age eight.

Children First Groton | Children First New London | Children First Norwich


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